Il Ciclo di Avalon. GDR



Roccia del Drago, l’isola privata dei Targaryen.

Status:   Attivo
Genere: Fantasy
Esclusivo: Sì, questo GDR è invenzione della gestione ed esiste solo su Rolenet!
Ruolate private: Sì
Accesso: Gestito
Blocchi: Libero, per tutti!

Trama GdR

«About the time I began work on the Morgan le Fay story that later became Mists, a religious search of many years culminated in my accepting ordination in one of the Gnostic Catholic churches as a priest. Since the appearance of the novel, many women have consulted me about this, feeling that the awareness of the Goddess has expanded their own religious consciousness, and ask me if it can be reconciled with Christianity. I do feel very strongly, not only that it can, but that it must... So when women today insist on speaking of Goddess rather than God, they are simply rejecting the old man with the white beard, who commanded the Hebrews to commit genocide on the Philistines and required his worshippers daily to thank God that He had not made them women... And, I suppose, a little, the purpose of the book was to express my dismay at the way in which religion lets itself become the slave of politics and the state. [...] I think the neo-pagan movement offers a very viable alternative for people, especially for women, who have been turned off by the abuses of Judeo-Christian organized religions.»

Questo è il prologo della storia su cui si costruire il nostro GDR, per maggiori informazioni contattate la gestione oppure in caso questa sia momentaneamente inattiva rivolgetevi a legendaryking oppure a legendaryqueen.

GDR Il Ciclo di Avalon.

• Antica Religione.
• Nuova Religione.

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